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Meditation Vigil - Align with the Sun, Moon, Stars and Mother Earth

Hello Everyone! 

I hope this message finds you healthy, awesome and ready to help the world shift! We are in a unique position from June 21st to Sept. 21st , 2015! 

Our planet will be part of a universal alignment that only happens every 125,000 years or so.  During this time, the energy that is available to us can be utilized to create all of the positive change that we have been working towards for so long.  The changes are potential futures that we can make reality.  The changes are not guaranteed just because the energy is in the neighborhood.  We Human Beings, as the chosen guardians of our Planet, have a very significant and necessary role to play in this Transformation. 

Our presence is required! 

We are needed to channel the Divine Universal Energy to the center of Mother Earth.  She will then have the right frequencies to make the shifts and changes in all of the regions that She needs to on Her body.  Our role is crucial, yet simple.  If you are willing to follow an easy but specific set of steps each day, You can become a channel of Universal Consciousness for three months this summer and help the Planet and everyone on Earth make a huge leap forward!  

Would you like to come play?

Many solutions to the world's biggest and darkest problems are ready to come forth and materialize in reality, right now.  I know it has been a long journey for so many of us.  Some of us have been through The Harmonic Convergence, the predictions of shifting from 1997-2000, the working of the energies up to 2012 and frankly we are tired!!!  

That's not to mention all of our diligent hard work from so many lifetimes! But this process is a Birth Process.  After labor there comes the final push, then you have new life.  That is where we are Please join us and let yourself believe in, support and love Mother Earth and all of Her Inhabitants into OUR next phase of existence. 

Much Love And Many Blessings to you all. 

Steps To Facilitate Shifts in Conscious For The World

  1. Ground, Center and Open Your Heart.
  2. Breathe and Relax.
  3. Ask for support and assistance from whatever Deities , angels, Ascended Teachers or other Beings of Light that you resonate with.  (We have provided a list of Beings if you want suggestions below.)
  4. When you feel the connection, set your intention to connect with the Universal Energy that we are aligning with.
  5. Bring the energy through the top of your head and down through your whole body.
  6. Imagine or feel or see an opening beneath you.  Allow the Universal Energy to go into the opening and all of the way to the center of the Earth.
  7. Spend however much time you have to offer each day.
  8. Keep your mind clear, quiet, and focused on the Universal light.  Allow Mother Earth to direct the Energy through Her thoughts and intentions.
  9. Stay with the process of channeling the Universal Energies until you feel complete.
  10. When you feel done for your chosen time period, set your intention to wind down the energy coming through you.
  11. Ask the Being of Light that you are working with to disconnect from you and your energy fields.
  12. Re-ground, re-center, and re-calibrate your systems for normal waking consciousness.
  13. Slowly bring your awareness back to present time and space.
  14. Resume normal breathing.  Slowly open your eyes.

Congratulations!  You just helped the world and everyone in the world! 

We are committed to creating a Vigil where 10,000,000 people participate. Please send this to everyone you know and maybe a few people you don't! 
Thank You.   

List of some Beings who have offered to participate and help us:
Christ, Buddha, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Djwhal Khul, St. Germaine, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Universal Goddess, Universal God, Ganesha, Krishna, Parvati, Hanuman, Brigitte, Cerridwen, Kali, Aphrodite, Pele, Maui, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Chief Seattle, Maha Chohan, Sanat Kumara, Serapis Bey, Ascended Master Hilarion, El Morya, Kuthumi, the over soul of the Orcas, the over soul of the Humpbacks, the over soul of the Dolphins. 

Be at Peace and Know that solutions are working themselves out every time we participate.

Blessings  :-)

If you want to be in touch or share your experience of the vigil, please feel free to contact us at 
Jacquie@glshealing.com or  JacquieGLSH@gmail.com or (408) 393-1157.


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